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Fast-paced and furious, DiscStorm is an arena combat game 5d3b920ae0

Title: DiscStorm
Genre: Action, Indie
XMPT Games
XMPT Games
Release Date: 20 Aug, 2015


Awesome soundtrack, incredibly stylish game. In terms of gameplay, it's basically a twin-stick shooter which is naturally best enjoyed with a gamepad. There looks to be (IMO) a lot of replayability in terms of mastery of the levels. Very reminiscent of Towerfall, another game I loved. I've made it through the first 3 worlds so far, really looking forward to more of the single player campaign and trying out the local multiplayer.. Very repetitive and ultimately just not a fun experience.. The plastic flying disc originated as an improvised use of pie tin lids with one popular pie and cookie chain lending it's name to the generic term for the item (which we wont be mentioning here). In any case it's pretty certain that neither the early pioneers, the trade mark holders or partipcants in the ubiquitous college sport "Ultimate [redacted]" had realised the full potential of the flying disc as a versatile weapon. XMPT games have stepped up and filled that gap, one part damaging projectile, one part deflective shield and one part useful item to trigger things the flying disc is used to it's full potential in the pixelart adventure. Using speed, agility and 3 circular pieces of plastic a range of heroes must defeat hordes of minions, and bosses for some reason that probably isn't important. With a cool retro style, core mechanics somewhat reminiscent of speedball and a host of level specific special rules I'd reccomend everyone to quit playing catch and start creating some kind of large weather patern of plastic circular things.. For a full review and gameplay footage, visit Mouse N Joypad here; When I first laid my eyes on it, DiscStorm looked amazing. A battle arena game, where me and my friends can throw deadly frisbees at one another? Sign me up. The rocking music and 90s visuals made me feel like I was stepping into something great. Unfortunately, the game doesnt do much to keep you in the door. I found myself yawning, as the game slowly started to reveal how little was actually put into the games design. DiscStorms graphics play homage to the 8-bit generation, utilizing pixellated artwork and sprites to tap into your nostalgia. Note to designers; this has become nauseating. DiscStorm isnt getting any creativity points out of me for using outdated graphics. It almost seems like the developer opted for this style simply because of its convenience, rather than its aesthetics. Sure, its gameplay and layout could be likened to Super Dodge Ball on the NES, but having the 8-bit design adds nothing to the overall experience. Its a shame too, because their character artwork is fantastic, and had they went with a different approach, the games look couldve been very impressive. The story just doesnt. I mean, it mayve been foolish of me to expect a good narrative, but the story is non-existent. You start out in training, where the Ninja Master explains how to play DiscStorm. After that, its just you randomly going to the next arena, fighting an assortment of monsters, and eventually a boss. It might even be called Mid-stage Boss, because the developers seem to think Meta is the funniest form of humor. Every character you talk to breaks the fourth wall, and thus the joke gets old very quickly as you progress through the main campaign. Pointing out over and over again that Im playing a game doesnt hide the fact that you did nothing to build the world. While I didnt much care for the story, the actual action in the campaign offers some real challenge and strategy. Throwing discs, and having to recover them or catch them out of the air provides some real moments of exciting tosses and lucky saves. Enemies are diverse in their attack styles, providing a real range of pace every time more are dropped into the arena. Taking on other disc wielding enemies provided a real fresh experience, and I had moments that felt like I was fighting for the users. Tron references aside, throwing the discs around is something new, and I really enjoyed it. Level design is actually really cool as well. The ten stages jump from being a wide open area, to having pillars blocking your way, all the way to having portals and hiding holes. Each of them have their own unique style, and their obstacles work well with the theme. The forest has bushes you can tuck away in and regenerating plants as obstacles. The pirate stage is on a ship, with two walls of pirates shifting with the waves, and they might walk over one of your downed discs leaving you handicapped. Each of the ten levels have their own unique style, and I cant say enough positive things about them. Despite the fantastic levels, there is unfortunately a lot of unpolished edges in the gameplay department. Character will sometimes adopt an aspect of one of the arenas special traits, regardless if youre in its designated area or not. For some reason, I started playing a level set in space by aimlessly floating over the platform that I could normally get traction on, leaving me weightless and defenseless. While playing the forest arena, I was suddenly became invisible after coming out of a bush that conceals fighters (you can see that in my gameplay footage). While these things arent huge, they did trigger that frustration you play games to avoid. The biggest selling point for this game, and the thing featuring the most flaws is the multiplayer. For one, no online, which is a real shame. I doubt most PC gamers have a dedicated room to accommodate four players with a large enough screen, not to mention four compatible controllers. But lets say you do- unfortunately I dont think you would have to much fun with it. As the game seems to favor a breakneck offense, characters sling out their discs and run around like chickens with their heads cut off. You can barely keep track as you search the tens of frisbees covering the muddled ground for your color disk, as you try to keep track of your adversaries. Why cant I just use any frisbee? I wasnt amazing at the game, but its incredibly difficult hitting fidgety targets, because everyone runs around like Sonic on crack; that is, unless youve got the tracking system of the computer. CPU opponents are set to merciless- amazing aim, split second decision making and most likely the only enemies youll ever play. Considering you cant adjust enemy difficulty, play it online or enjoy the dense gameplay, I cant recommend buying it for multiplayer any less. DiscStorm has a solid foundation built on the interesting idea of a disc-based combat game, but the experience doesnt do enough to keep it interesting. Some may want to pick it up for its fun environments, rocking soundtrack and fast-paced action, and they might get some enjoyment out of single player. However, dont buy it expecting good multiplayer arena battles; the game offers no online mode, CPU opponents are set to expert mode, and theres no customizing of tournament settings. This game had so much promise, but simply falls short of being a good game; buyers can expect a short campaign, and a multiplayer mode theyll never play. For more reviews like this one, visit Mouse N Joypad. www.MouseNJoypad.com. Very repetitive and ultimately just not a fun experience.. After 1 hour of playing the game I still haven't managed to kill the first boss! Art- The Character designs and general overall look of the game is absolutely beautiful. Bugs - Haven't noticed any bugs yet, the one thing I would say which itsn't necersarilly a bug is that during the first boss fight it can be difficult to reclaim your discs when adds are up Sound - The Soundtrack of the game is beautiful and well worth the extra price, It's been in my head since i bought this game! Gameplay - Overall the gameplay is very fun! I play on mouse and keyboard but I imagine that it'll be even more fun to play on a controller.. Awesome soundtrack, incredibly stylish game. In terms of gameplay, it's basically a twin-stick shooter which is naturally best enjoyed with a gamepad. There looks to be (IMO) a lot of replayability in terms of mastery of the levels. Very reminiscent of Towerfall, another game I loved. I've made it through the first 3 worlds so far, really looking forward to more of the single player campaign and trying out the local multiplayer.

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