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Original Title: Megaforce

Genge: Sci-Fi,Action






































Story about a rapid deployment defense unit that is called into action whenever freedom is threatened.
Ace Hunter is the leader of Megaforce, an elite group of American soldiers who travel the world to fight Evil. In this case, Evil is represented by a third rate dictator who they must blow to bits.
Ok, I will admit the special effects are cheesy and the acting really isn't that great. However this movie has some good qualities I have come to love in action movies. A hero who's hair stays in place no matter what hell he's been through. An absent minded genius who makes neat toys. And how can we leave out the beautiful woman who catches our hero's eye?

This movie does have some nice things. I liked the dune buggies and motorcycles that change color to match the terrain. I liked that the hero, Ace, was best friends with the villain. I liked the crazy character played by Michael Beck, especially the goofy thing he did with the holographic mission planner. This movie has some high tech things that militaries use today. Including the dune buggies. They're used by Special Forces and Navy SEALs. The room where conversations are monitored is like today's Echelon Dictionary Project. This movie has some good things that foretell future military advancements. Not to mention that this movie is meant for kids and shouldn't be seen as an adult movie. There isn't any profanity in it and it's funny.

I must not be the only one who liked this movie back then. I remember all the lunch boxes and action figures this movie sold. People who say this movie are bad must not have seen it when they were kids.

Rayvyn I would like to say that the movie Megaforce was awesome and had pretty good special effects. I also thought it had some pretty good comedic performances as well. I wish it were available on DVD format so I could watch it again. I heard it was filmed in Nevada, U.S.A. I would give this movie two thumbs up.

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