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Fight overwhelming odds to escape a secret TranStar moon base where the enemies you encounter, the hazards you face, the goals you complete, and the loot you collect are different each time you play. With changing environments as dangerous as they are dynamic, the Mooncrash campaign for Prey will offer a fun, infinitely replayable challenge to test even the most skilled players.


In Prey: Mooncrash, TranStar’s secret moon base stopped transmitting shortly after the events of Prey. Now Peter, a hacker stationed aboard a spy satellite tasked with intercepting TranStar communications, must find out why. Trapped and under a ruthless contract with KASMA Corp, Peter’s only hope of ever seeing his family again is uncovering the moon base’s lost secrets.


Live. Die. Adapt. Escape!
Escape TranStar’s moon base before the Typhon threat takes over. A simple goal, but one with hundreds of viable solutions. In Mooncrash, players will experience an all-new, infinitely replayable, ‘rogue-lite’ campaign with ever-changing enemies, weapons and objectives against a constantly increasing alien threat.

Survive How You Want with Who You Want
Unlock multiple characters as you play, each with their own set of specialized, upgradable skills. Will you forge your path with the resourceful engineer Joan, trade that wrench in for Security Officer Bhatia and his shotgun, or will you choose the frail-but-gifted Andrius and his arsenal of psychic abilities? Prey is about choices, and those choices belong to you.

Search for Secrets, Loot…and a Way Off
Arkane Studios’ talent for detail and story-rich environments comes alive in Mooncrash. As you explore the station, which is the same size and scope of four levels of the original game’s Talos I station, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for precious supplies – and, of course, Mimics.

New Challenges, New Solutions
The Typhon threat has returned with familiar foes and tough new enemies, each armed with a unique set of deadly characteristics. Use the full power of the arsenal at your disposal, including popular weapons and abilities from Prey’s main game, to fight for your life and make a mad dash for your escape.

Prey: Typhon Hunter
Mooncrash includes Prey: Typhon Hunter, an online multiplayer update. Typhon Hunter is a lethal game of hide-and-seek between a single survivor (Morgan Yu) and five other players who stalk, hunt, and hide in plain sight as shape-shifting Mimic aliens. Every object is a potential enemy. Will Morgan or the Mimics prevail?

TranStar VR is a single player VR-only campaign included in the Typhon Hunter update. This campaign puts you in the shoes of various TranStar employees as you complete objectives and solve intricate puzzles on Talos I, just days before the events of Prey.

Requires the Prey full game. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Prey - Mooncrash
Genre: Action, Adventure
Arkane Studios
Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: 10 Jun, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel i5-2400, AMD FX-8320
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Polish,Russian,Traditional Chinese,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

Absolutely worth the \u20ac20 for Mooncrash alone. The other two "bonus" modes aren't worth your time to be honest.

I was on the fence playing Mooncrash. I heard so many bad things about the corruption level and how it ruins the game but after an hour after corruption kicks in you basically find an item that lowers the level of corruption when you use it. After that point you can buy as many of these items as you want in the loadout screen before you start the mission. They're expensive but I've not found myself short of "Sim Points" through my playthroughs. It feels like the game is constantly throwing Sim Points at me at every turn. Kill a Mimic? 100-200SP. Pick up a fabrication schematic? 500 SP. Pick up secret items or explore certain areas: A bunch of SP. I'm sitting on 100k SP right now and every run generally nets me anywhere from 15k-30k if I'm not rushing through the mission to escape. The items to lower Corruption cost 2.5k so it's not a stretch to do a quick run, come out with 15k and have a bunch of these items to use to lower your corruption and stay at Corruption 1(Easy mode) for the duration of your run.

It's done well when you give it time to understand why Corruption is there. It's there to keep things challenging and constantly evolving because, really, the maps aren't THAT big and there aren't that many enemies in each map. They're big enough but not so big you couldn't clear them in a leisurely time and once you've explored an area once regardless of resetting the simulation you'll not be exploring every nook and cranny a second time especially when you quickly realise where all the loot hot spots are(Guaranteed fabrication schematics) for quick and easy SP gains. Corruption basically keeps you on your toes, strikes the fear into you when you go up a corruption level and keeps things fresh and tense. Without Corruption the place would be easily cleared out and would be a cake walk.

Almost everything is persistent in Mooncrash. You start off with what is a challenging enough tutorial(Which, in my opinion, is much harder than when the game actually opens up and really starts) which then automatically unlocks an additional character to play through a second time as and guides you through what you need to do to "escape." During this run you'll most likely unlock your third character very easily(Just coming across his dead body) and the remaining two will be left entirely to yourself to unlock.

When you escape with one character or die with them all progress, all movements, all items and door placements are kept the same for your next run with a new character which means the guns you picked up and escaped with are now gone for that run for good and any item you picked up and moved elsewhere will be where you left it(As with enemy bodies). The map only resets if you "reset" the simulation or if it's force reset(All your characters die or escape or your corruption level reaches max). Your characters levels\/upgrades are also persistent regardless of resetting the simulation as are the fabrication schematics you've unlocked and your collected SP(Which is used to spend on your initial loadout. You can also, like in the main game, fabricate neuromods once you have the schematic unlocked. You can also spend SP for neuromods in your loadout screen which means you can basically max a character out without having even played them if you have enough SP to spend on neuromods. It's there if you need it but you generally don't find yourself starved of neuromods from exploring the base anyway.

Each character has their own story to complete which is unlocked by escaping with them in a specific way. This gives far more replay value and more weight to what you're doing with each run with each character then there's also the fact that your main goal is to try and escape with each character in one run for what I guess is the conclusion to the story. You're basically playing as a person locked in an orbital station who is tasked with completing objectives or "contracts" in a simulation of what happened on the moon base, once you complete all "contracts" collectively you beat the mode.

It's really refreshing, a lot of fun and can be quite tense. The level design, as per usual with Arkane Studios, is really well done. Not as well done as in the main game but still really well done and highly enjoyable.

The other two modes you just shouldn't bother installing. The VR part of it is a mixed bag and the Prop Hunt mode is dead and boring regardless. You're better off just playing a free version of Prop Hunt somewhere than bothering with it in Prey.

Definitely worth buying. Don't let "Corruption" turn you off, power through until you get the unlock to stave corruption off and you'll be able to play at your leisure at the cost of SP(Which you can easily farm).

Well worth it. Enjoy!. I love Prey and while DLC have many similarities it is also a lot different game.
First of all, it is designed to be rerunned a lot. You need to learn layout of map to run it efficently.
Pick right characters in right order to pass through some points of map as diffrent characters have different set of abilities and some routes are blocked untill specific skill is avaiable. And goal is to escape finaly with all characters.
Each run is also timed and death is "pernament" as there is no option to go back to previous save.
Thats main difference vs orginal game mistakes are more punishing as to correct them you need to start over.
But also each run gives oportunity to find better blueprints, new neuromods so next one is a bit different as your characters can do more. Each playthrough is also shorter than orginal game, but you won't be able to explore whole complex on single run so it provides more than one run.
Generaly it is nice twist on orginal idea for me.. Great DLC gives you multiple hours of fun gameplay, but it takes some time to get into.. This is how you do DLC.. Linear, not worth 20 dollars, not story driven. It should be free. Nothing like the original a youtube video first to see if it's your thing. Loved Prey, despised this.. Linear, not worth 20 dollars, not story driven. It should be free. Nothing like the original a youtube video first to see if it's your thing. Loved Prey, despised this.

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