Welcome To The Game - Hacker Mode Download For Pc

Welcome To The Game - Hacker Mode Download For Pc

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Do you think you have what it takes to become a 1337 hacker?

Welcome to the Game - Hacker Mode is a DLC for Welcome to the Game that is a non-stop chain puzzle mode. Solve your favorite attacks from the DOSBlocker, K3RN3LC0MP1L3R and new CLOUDGRID. Each chain mode has levels of chains, as you progress further the puzzles get more difficult. Solve them to get points!

Build up points to compile stacks, use those stacks unlock upgrades! Upgrades include:

- NOPSled: Will instantly progress you to the next chain level.
- Shell: Will recover you from a failed hack attempt, AKA extra hacker life!
- DOS_TURBO: Permanently increase boost time!
- KernSKIP: Will instantly skip the current line of code in the K3RN3LC0MP1L3R.
- cloudFREEZE: Freezes time in a current cloud grid for 30 seconds.

Think you can build up a high enough score top become one of the top 1337?

Get Welcome to the Game - Hacker Mode and let the hacking games begin! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Welcome to the Game - Hacker Mode
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Reflect Studios
Reflect Studios
Release Date: 11 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.4 GHZ
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024MB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Best ran at a 16x9 aspect ratio / 1080p


K3RN3LC0MP1L3R mode is useful for practicing fast typing, other than that if you liked the hacking minigames from the actual game, you'll also like this.. This is not so fun Q_Q. Edit: The DLC now works for me and my friend, I have no idea why it wasn't working but it's very fun. I personally enjoy it. I just wish it worked from day 1. I now believe this DLC is extremely worth it if you're terrified of the jumpscares but love the game. I can only take so much fear until I get sick so this helps me do my favorite kernal attacks and test my skills. Or it's good to practice and get better at those that you were not good at before. I should definitely work on the Dos haha. All in all, it's a good DLC and i'm happy with it.
Which is why I changed my review from NO to YES.
Thank you:)

Old Review: I got this DLC for me and my friend, mainly for me (two copies anyways), and I was so happy because I could finally do the kernal one nonstop without actually having to endure the jumpscares! I was overly excited. So my friend gets kidnapped in his game and then switches over to the DLC, he's able to do the chain mode and he then tries the kernal because I asked him to as mine wasn't working. His worked ! Until he restarted the game.
Now his and mine both don't work.
All we get to do is one simple kernal, dos blocker or cloud attack and then it stays put without allowing us to do anything. I'm actually pretty upset about this and I hope it eventually will work.
But since first impressions mean everything to me, I do not like this DLC and now I'm upset I wasted $2. Although it was an exciting thought for me, i'm very dissatisfied with this.. I thought the DLC is horrible, even for 1 buck, its terrible to ask people to pay for essentially a never ending hacking-minigame-marathon for points. The same minigames from the main game, just endlessly in a row......with no leaderboards making the entire thing pointless. And the DLC probably took 5 minutes to put together, as its using the minigames from the maingame.......so not worth it even for one buck. Short Version: It is training for when u get hacked and u can upgrade things an will be more HAKCING tools. Some mini game from game
However it's fun
buy it. I was expecting a "yeah, here, take these minigames and play them. thanks. oh, and, btw, also pay me for it", and i was going to buy it becouse i bought the game at a discount, and loved it, so i wanted to "help" the developer a bit more than what i payed, so i bought the DLC right when it came out. I just spent 35 minutes on the kernel minigame (my favourite), and lost becouse i had to go to the bathroom and forgot to pause :'(

TL;DR (even if it's not that long) at the bottom!

The DLC is great, simple, and fun. I spent one hour stright playing through the mini games and taking a nice look at it. As i said, half of that time was spent on the kernel minigame. This DLC consists on playing 3 different minigames that you get in-game as hacks and you have to block them. The score you make while playing the minigames get saved and you can turn your points into "coins" (..?) that you use to buy upgrades. Every 25K points is one coin, and the cheapest upgrade is 3 coins, while the best and more expensive ones are 50. I haven't bought any upgrades (becouse i don't want any of the ones i can afford tight now), so i don't know if its upgradable, or just "unlucks" abilities, or they're one-use poweups. But any ways, for 1 dollar, this is a must get if you enjoyed the hack minigames on the main game and want to support this great dev!

TL;DR: great DLC, worths the price, challenging, extra-touches like upgrades, leaderboard that not yet works :C for the price and content, 10\/10!

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